Let me show you how!

I love sharing my knowledge, so I made teaching my mission. Showing students something new, seeing them understand, observing their development and growth is very rewarding for me, and worth any effort.

I put a lot of emphasis in researching new topics, as well as gaining background information, to make sure I teach state-of-the-art techniques and styles

A huge interest of mine (which luckily seems timeless) is everything mid-century modern, vintage and retro. You might find that mirrored in my class topics and drawing style.

I am an advocate of “learning by doing with fun“. I always try to make classes, that are both engaging and entertaining. If you follow along actively and share a laughter or two, this is when the learning effect is the most fruitful.

You will find my classes both on Skillshare and Udemy. You can opt for either a monthly or annual subscription model at Skillshare, gaining access to thousands of classes, not only mine. With Udemy you purchase single classes. Note: with following the Skillshare links below the classes you will get a month of free premium membership if you are new to Skillshare!

Latest Class:

Procreate Dreams for Social Media
Improve Your Drawing for Good – a 10-Day Drawing Challenge to Train Muscles & Brain

Are you struggling with your drawing skills? Do you wish to improve but you don’t know what to practice? This class is your solution! Learn how to best use your brain for drawing, understand motivation and establish a daily practicing habit.

A 3in1 class to become a better artist everyday with ease and fun!

Procreate Dreams Classes:

Procreate Dreams for Social Media
Procreate Dreams: Elevate Your Social Media Content With Simple Animations

Learn everything about the new fantastic App Procreate Dreams and how to use it to bring your social media content to another level: With fun and eye-catching animations and transitions.

Procreate Classes in English:

Master Shading in Procreate: Draw a Furry Monster

Learn an illustration essential: Shading! In this class I’m teaching you all about the shading principles in Procreate while we draw a fun and furry project. A must-know for illustrators of any level! Take a seat, grab the resources and dive in!

Relax with Me in Procreate: Mindful Azulejo Drawing

Experience the calming and healing power of drawing! In this class I am showing you techniques to unwind with the help of drawing intricate Portuguese tile patterns. Learn the basics of seamless pattern repeat, too!

Draw with Me in Procreate: Iconic Retro Style Holiday Illustration

Do you like CHristmas as much as I do? In this class we will create a christmas illustration in iconic retro style. Download all the resources and get to know the style and what it takes to depict it in Procreate. 

Draw with Me in Procreate: Mid-Century Cookbook Illustration

The intricate illustration style often used in books from the middle of last century taught in one class! Find out how to research and what you need to depict this style in Procreate. Of course this class is fully packed with resources, grab them now!

Draw with Me in Procreate: Mid-Century Screen Printing Style

Another mid-century gem! Find out how to achieve the screen printing effect in Procreate, that is so iconic for editorial designs and art from the middle of the last century. This class provides you with all you need: resources as well as background knowledge.

Draw with Me in Procreate: 70sText Effect

Let’s get groovy! Learn three different text effects that are typical and often used in 70s designs such as posters, advertisement and editorial design. I show you how to achieve the funkiest text effects in Procreate and proviede you with all the resources you need.

Procreate Classes in german:

Starte durch mit Procreate!

Lerne den Umgang mit der iPad App “Procreate”, dem Marktführer im Bereich Digitale Illustration. Lerne die Funktionen der App von Grund auf, während du gleichzeitig mit mir gemeinsam 4 einfache Projekte gestaltest.

Mal’ mit mir in Procreate: Retro Granny Squares

Häkeln ist meine zweite große Leidenschaft. In diesem Kurs zeige ich Dir, wie du gehäkelte Quadrate, sogenannte Granny Squares in Procreate nachmalen kannst! Garantiert keine Löcher, kratzendes Garn oder Fäden vernähen!