Hi, it’s Me!

I am Jutta “Heather” Schneider, a digital artist and teacher living in the middle of Germany. I love drawing digitally on my iPad – no mess, no brush cleaning, or drops on the floor 😉 Instead, you can draw wherever you want (and where you have access to a socket…) My go-to app is Procreate, but I‘m a huge fan of the Affinity suite and of course Adobe products, as well.

So far I have specialized in creating Procreate classes and tutorials, that show you how depict a certain style or technique within the app. I love to research in art history and art styles, and to find methods of how to mimic them digitally.

Making my own sets of brushes, color palettes or fonts to give away for free is a second passion of mine. I receive a lot of positive feedback about the resources that come with my free tutorials on YouTube as well as my classes.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I love coffee
  • I have a background in both Teaching as well as Graphic Design
  • The “He” in JuHeSch refers to a visit at a coffee shop starting with “S” where they called me “Heather” instead of “Jutta”
  • I have a wonderful husband (aka “intern”) and son (aka “son”)
  • My personal art is whimsical and quirky, I love to show humour, colors and weirdness in my art
  • I am a thread artist as well and love to knit and crochet

Let’s stay in touch!

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